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We are the exclusive manufacturer of Pitch Black Asphalt Emulsion Sealcoat of Michigan.  Our family has  been in the asphalt industry for over 30 years. We started our own company to ensure customers were getting asphalt work done correctly. . There was a  continuous lack of sealcoat options in our great state of Michigan which was a major concern. Going back to coal tar and dealing with negative consequences wasn't an option any longer. .  After meeting Robert Archie with Pitch Black and doing extensive research on the material, company, building a tank, and even shipping in material from the Wisconsin Pitch Black plant for an entire season before becoming an official Pitch Black manufacturer.   


Our goal is to produce a superior asphalt based sealcoat while protecting our air, ground and water.  We firmly believe that you do not have to sacrifice quality material for health and safety.  Pitch Black Asphalt Emulsion Sealcoat has No Toxic Chemicals - No Bull.


0.00% PAHs - 0.00% Competition

Pitch Black is just that too - it speaks for itself! 

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