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Dark Force Sealcoat Distributing featuring Pitch Black ® is a family owned business known for quality and integrity in our products as well as our service.

We are the exclusive manufacturer of Pitch Black® Asphalt Emulsion Seal coat for Michigan. We are committed to producing the highest quality and best performing asphalt sealer in the industry.  We are held to a strict standard when manufacturing Pitch Black®. Our formula has specific property ingredients that set us apart from other manufacturers. In other words, Pitch Black® is not just another seal coat, it is much more. It simply out performs and is the most user friendly sealer you will every buy.

We know and understand the importance of having sealer available when you need it. We are dedicated to providing prompt service and on time deliveries. We maintain an adequate supply of product on hand at all times for bulk deliveries as well as drive in sales at our plant. Product samples are available upon request. The best way to know the quality and performance of a sealer is to test it yourself. Pitch Black® sells itself time and time again.